What Climate Change
Means For Colorado

Explore research-based projections for Colorado in the year 2050 based on
projections for pollution from burning fossil fuels and explore policy solutions
to create a more resilient and sustainable state.

Why This Research Matters

With new alarming reporting from international agencies and worsening wildfire, drought, heat, and ozone conditions in Colorado, we published our research in an effort to raise awareness among Coloradans on the risks climate change poses to our communities, shed light on our ability to avert the worst of the climate crisis, and provide policymakers with tools to make informed and equitable decisions on state climate and economic policy.

Our Climate Research

Learn more about the research, the research process,
and access the original paper and visual brief.

View Interactive Climate Maps

Explore scenarios for what Colorado’s climate could look like in 2050. See how your community will be affected by wildfires, drought, extreme heat, and ozone pollution. Visualize the how cutting greenhouse gas pollution can help, and learn which areas of the state face the biggest threats within Colorado.

Example of Emission and Risk Maps

Economic Solutions to Climate Change

Climate change is here and scientists agree that human activity is fueling it. This means we have the power to change it. Visit our solutions page where we go into detail on the economic and climate policy solutions we can utilize to create a more sustainable and resilient future.

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