Drought as an Effect
of Climate Change

As temperatures rose and continue to rise as a result of climate change, soil moisture drought has become more severe in Colorado over the past 30 years. Drought affects crop yield, water supply, and the recreation industry in Colorado. 

Impacts of Drought

As demand for water increases with the growth of our state’s population, the agriculture industry and Colorado’s food security will be threatened. Warm and dry conditions are also prolonging periods of bark beetle survival and reproduction, reducing the ability for trees to resist beetle attacks and increasing tree mortality. Tree mortality affects snow accumulation, snowmelt, and water uptake by vegetation, which affects water quality and makes the forest more susceptible to surface fires.

Effects of Pollution on Climate

To further understand the impact drought is projected to have on our state, our drought emissions and risk maps show what will happen to Colorado’s climate by mid-century if we continue with the status quo.

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